What is Empowering Solutions?

Empowerings Solution believes:

"All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they get."

Results are not by chance but rather a function of the way we design our organizations. By design, we’re talking about the integration of people with core business processes, technology, structure, and systems. A well-designed organization ensures that the form, or infrastructure of the organization, matches its purpose and strategy, meets the challenges posed by business realities, and significantly increases the likelihood that the collective efforts of people will be successful.

Principles of High Performance

Successful, high performing companies prosper by building nimble, customer-focused, collaborative organizations in which every person is an engaged and contributing partner in the business. The process breaks down into five steps that take our clients through a “360 Solution.”

Principles of High Performance

Learn principles and methodologies that will help your organization get outstanding and sustainable results.


Using our state-of-the-art assessment platform, we assess your organization to identify problems areas and determine a baseline.


Using the assessment results, we identify goals and strategies to get your organization on the road to high performance.


We build up leaders in your organization using our world-class sections on subjects such as “Emotional Intelligence” and “The Power of Persuasion.”


We help leaders within your organization build high performance teams that work together to accomplish common tasks. 

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Proud Champions Leadership Pittsburg Area Director

Helping Community Based Organizations (CBOs) get the leadership development they need while partnering with local corporate sponsors. The Champions Leadership program is about building stronger communities.

Who We Are

Rick Hampton

Rick Hampton has set to take the leadership lessons learned from his military service and various health information technology roles in general management and operations to help companies improve performance by getting the most out their leadership teams. He’s passionate about helping experienced leaders and developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Rick believes the most important asset within every organization is the individual employee because of their intellectual capital and diverse backgrounds. As CEO of Empowering Solutions, an organization focused on empowering individuals to excel, Rick is focused on investing in the growth of individual’s, teams, and organizations so they are better prepared to contribute to their organization’s sustainability, success, and profitability.

Rick holds a B.A. in Organizational Management from Ashford University, a Master’s in Public Administration from Grand Canyon University, and is pursuing a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership from Grand Canyon University. He delivers a tailored approach to coaching and training business executives and managers to enhance their personal and professional growth, critical thinking skills and leadership abilities. As a U.S. Navy veteran of 21 years and a High Performance Leadership faculty member, he brings confidence, expertise, and a proven track record to his customized employee and leadership development programs.

Chip Wilson

Chip Wilson is a visionary who has an overwhelming passion for helping others develop their entrepreneurial spirit. With extensive knowledge of the training and development industry, Chip regularly has the opportunity to share his skills and successes with others.

After college, Chip began his business career under the umbrella of a Fortune 500 company. Unfortunately for them, Chip wanted the challenge of an entrepreneurial lifestyle. So, at the age of 26, he started his first training and consulting business in his hometown of Des Moines, Iowa. After two successful years, Chip sold that company for a substantial profit.

He then became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a consulting company in Waco, Texas where he was responsible for over 700 accounts nationwide. In his time there, Chip contributed greatly to the company’s bottom line, but desired a career that was more personally and professionally rewarding.


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